Feb 11 2017

Last official event of the Caligari Project, the Talk Back session with the community was an excellent celebration and insightful discussion on our potential future.

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Feb 10 2017

With a night off, and all my errands done early, I enjoyed an evening of video games.

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Feb 09 2017

Trip down memory lane with Chrystene Ells during a presentation on Der Glöckner in Mike Rollo’s Film Production class.

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Feb 08 2017

Nights of Cabiria still makes me tear up.

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Feb 07 2017

Met nice filmmakers from Toronto doing a documentary that will include Deaf Crows and picked out the scene I’ll use for the analysis part of the midterm.

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Feb 06 2017

Made a delicious yam curry after my drive home from Yorkton where I listened to and cried over a This American Life podcast about a wind telephone in Japan.

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Feb 05 2017

More Deaf Crows rehearsal.

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Feb 04 2017

I was grumpy today, but managed to have an interesting conversation at the Death Café.

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