Jan 16 2017

On the drive back from teaching Film 100 in Yorkton, I finally finished listening to Season 2 of Serial Podcast.

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Jan 15 2017

Started a super healthy, morning smoothie challenge with a delicious and filling green one.

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Jan 14 2017

Waffles, house work, emails, MFA application, and finished the night off with some video games.

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Jan 13 2017

Helped a friend pick out new glasses and finished an ArtsVest application for Prairie Puppet Underground.

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Jan 12 2017

Snow Day with Thom DHH class cancelled, but got to first class of Tai Chi in the evening.

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Jan 11 2017

Film 100 at the University started with a great class and engaged students.

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Jan 10 2017

Started back up with Deaf Crows, getting the show ready for Edmonton.

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Jan 09 2017

Car wouldn’t start so I made a big pot of black beans, shovelled the sidewalk, and then ate many burritos.

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