Feb 20 2017

Short turnaround day in Regina, trying to fit in everything from laundry to grant writing.

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Feb 19 2017

Bittersweet as we gave it all for the best (and last) performance of Deaf Crows.

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Feb 18 2017

Met more people at Sound Off festival, including a fascinating experience communicating with two Deaf/Blind sisters.

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Feb 17 2017

Opening night for Deaf Crows performance was a hit to a sold out theatre full of wonderful, interesting audience members.

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Feb 16 2017

Deaf Crows troupe touched down in Edmonton to start the Sound Off festival watching two shows and getting shuttled around by a fancy tour bus.

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Feb 15 2017

The excitement and nervousness was tangible for the Film 100 midterm exam.

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Feb 14 2017

Saw the ISS briefly fall through the sky.

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Feb 13 2017

Last class in Yorkton for a while, spent the drive listening to In The Dark serial podcast.

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