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Added some potential resources to my on-going bibliography, such as this fascinating article on “Long-term trends in the honeybee ‘whooping signal’ revealed by automated detection“, pointing to the idea that bees have a sense of mistakes and accidents and feel the need to communicate an acknowledgement of it happening.

frame from a bee hive with accelerometers embedded

Images (2) are from the article linked above. They are not my images, nor my data, but I must say that data can be beautiful. I can hear each tiny “whoop” in quick succession like a film montage.

stethoscope being used to listen at the entrance of a bee hive


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Warmed up a bit. The colonies had their entrances opened, unblocked by frost. I gave a listen using a stethoscope. I got a shock when I heard nothing from Calliope. I went to Thalia. Thankfully, I heard a tiny, soft rhythmic buzz.
Back to Calliope, I listened with all my heart… there may be a faint buzz there yet…

The Wild Bunch

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Played a video game, Red Dead Redemption 2 online, with a friend and captured some of the more zany moments. It has some non-zero-sum game elements, as you can work cooperatively towards bettering your gear and surviving against nature and bad dudes.


stylized painting of a bee egg

Bee egg

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The first section visitors will experience when they start my installation will be the helping a bee hatch. I sketched up a tiny, delicate bee egg in the darkness. I will use something like this in the video/animation for the section of the installation. It may wiggle a bit when you warm it up. And maybe I can even get an animated, painted queen bee to come out of the egg!