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Queen Honey Bee Appalina
Here she is – note worker bees facing in toward her

Chronicle of the Queens

Heather 2015-2016 (new nuc – swarmed)
Victoria 2016-2017 (apiary born – died over winter)
Maeling 2017-2018 (new nuc – mutiny)
Appelina 2018 (apiary born – died during rescue attempt from chimney swarm)
Thalia, daughter of Appelina, Queen of motherless (apiary born 2019)
Argyle, Queen of the Cathedral (swarm capture 2019, chipped wing)
Calliope, daughter of Appelina, Queen of the homestead (apiary born 2019 – sold 2020)
Minerva, daughter of Thalia, Queen of the swarm (apiary born 2020 – 2021)
Bronte, daughter of Thalia, Thunder Queen (apiary born 2021 – 2021)
Persephone, daughter of Argyle (apiary born 2021)
Electra (swarm capture 2021)
Pasiphae, Queen of the Bull (purchased 2021)

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Flavours of Honey

Spring 2018: Sunshine & Wind
Spring 2019: Drought & Thunderstorms
Summer 2019: And Then The Rains Came (Morning Dew & Sunflowers)
Spring 2020: Argyle’s Tropical Garden, Calliope’s Mocha, Thalia’s Caramel
Summer 2020 Argyle’s: Caramel Apple, Lollipop
Summer 2020 Minerva’s: Herbal Reserve, Ice Planet, Song of Birth
Summer 2020 Thalia’s: Afternoon Garden, Cotton Candy
Spring 2021 Argyle’s Ice Moon Oberon
Spring 2021 Persephone’s Nebula
Spring 2021 Thalia’s: Amber Solstice, Crystal Cream
Summer 2021 Argyle’s Smooth Stonecrop
Summer 2021 Persephone’s Clover Constellation
Summer 2021 Thalia’s Homestead

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