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Two years ago, visual artist, puppeteer and director Chrystene Ells was catapulted out of her body through the top of her head during a sudden onset of partial seizures.

Upon re-entry, she found a brighter and more serene world, so different that for nearly a year, she secretly wondered whether she was dead.

In losing facility with verbal language and linear time, she had somehow stepped into a transcendentally beautiful universe which unfolded behind the sheer curtain of cognitive functioning. While friends worried and baffled doctors suggested she had experienced ‘events’ in the temporal lobe of her brain, Ells’ inquiries unveiled that many people have similar unexpected encounters with states of surreal bliss, interconnectedness, and bright humour — and that there is some non-pathological fun to be had in The Big Living and The Big Dying.

The KaleidoCycle ensemble presents Chrystene’s story through puppetry, clowning, physical theatre, film, and American Sign Language poetry, with an original score by composer Jason Cullimore.

Written by Chrystene Ells, in collaboration with the ensemble

Directed by Chrystene Ells
Music by Jason Cullimore
Puppets and Masks Designed by Chrystene Ells
American Sign Language Poetry consultant: Joanne Weber
Featuring: Mark D. Claxton, Aubree Erickson,
Avianna Hudym, Berny Hi, Joanne Weber
Produced by Chrystene Ells and Berny Hi (Regina)
Assistant Production Designers: Shelby Lyn Lowe, Rosa Laverdiere
Lighting Designer: Ben Gilmour
Stage Manager Angela van den Heuvel
Running Crew: Shelby Lyn Lowe, Rosa Laverdiere
Guest Dramaturg: Michael Scholar Jr.
May 31, 2012 – Jun 9, 2012
Templeton Studio Cabaret in the Globe Theatre
Run time: 55 minutes, with no intermission

* On Friday June 8th, the performance will be interpreted in American Sign Language. All audience members are welcome.


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Great work, KaleidoCyclists!!



A big thank you to the SK Arts for providing financial assistance for the production of this project.
Thank you to the following development sponsors:
Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative
SK Arts


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