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Berny Hi

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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Occupation: Artist, Teacher, Beekeeper, Filmmaker, Performer, Cinematographer, Interdisciplinary Artist, Projection Artist, Visual Artist, Collaborative Storyteller, Arts Administrator


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I love working creatively and collaboratively with the Deaf Crows Collective.



Prairie-Puppet-Underground-logo-wide-medI am a co-founder of the Prairie Puppet Underground. This organization puts on a number of events, and presents puppet work from the prairies around the world. The main event is the International Puppet Underground Festival.


Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative logo vertical black on whiteI am passionate about the mandate of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, and I was the Production Coordinator for seven years. Before that, I served on the Board of Directors, including a year as Vice President.


Caligari Project logo woodcut medI am a co-founder of the Cabinet Collective, which organized the Caligari Project.



Filmmaker, funding consultant, beekeeper, and interdisciplinary artist Berny Hi is endlessly fascinated by nature and aspects of the human experience: collaborative storytelling and our unique perception of time and space.

Through Artist’s Residencies with Saskatchewan organizations and schools, Berny aspires to support unheard voices through creative, collaborative adventures and manual, hands-on processes. He has a tireless passion for seeking unique opportunities to strengthen the broader arts and film community with progressive, fresh ideas.

Never bored, Berny is a founding member of two artist-run non-profits: The Prairie Puppet Underground, creating and exhibiting visionary puppetry, and The Cabinet Collective, an umbrella organization dedicated to city-wide festivals that cross-pollinate multiple art disciplines through a common theme. He finds that there is simply not enough time in a day.

Chrystene Ells is a major art partner for Berny. The collaboration, KaleidoCycle at the Globe Theatre in 2012, was a black box theatre performance/adventure explored through physical theatre, mask work, clowning, puppetry, and celluloid 16mm and Super 8mm projection performance art. They have gone on to produce award-winning films, theatre, and artist residencies.

Need a hand?

Give me a shout if you would like to work on something with me. (Contact form above)
I like filmmaking, computer stuff, deep, thoughtful art explorations that blow people’s mind, and happiness.
I can lead workshops in a plethora of computer programs, filmmaking, hand-processing celluloid, live-action puppetry, animated objects, analogue effects, animation, and hands-on artmaking. I bet I could put on a mean scrapbooking class too.
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