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Chronicle of Queens

Long Live the Queens

Heather 2015-2016 (new nuc – swarmed)
Victoria 2016-2017 (apiary born – died over winter)
Maeling 2017-2018 (new nuc – mutiny)

Appelina, Queen of the homestead, 2018 (apiary born – died during disastrous rescue attempt from chimney swarm)

Calliope, daughter of Appelina, Queen of the crop, Queen of defense (apiary born 2019 – rural retirement 2020)

Thalia, daughter of Appelina, Queen of refugees, Queen of motherless, Queen of the swarm (apiary born 2019)

Minerva, daughter of Thalia, Queen of Song (apiary born 2020 – died to hands of beekeeper, had stopped laying 2021)

Argyle, Queen of the Cathedral (wild swarm appears 2019 – guessing she was born 2018 or ’17)

Tomyris, daughter of Argyle, Queen of the Battle (apiary born 2022 – )

Cassiopeia, daughter of Tomyris (apiary born 2022 – )

Electra, Queen of Energy (swarm capture 2021 – )

Xena, daughter of Electra, Queen of the Populous (apiary born 2022 – )

Hemera, firstborn daughter of Nyx, Queen of the Dogwood (swarm cell, apiary born 2023 – )

Melinoë, daughter of Persephone, Queen of the Mock Orange (apiary born 2023 – )

Lilith, daughter of Xena, (apiary born 2023 – )

queen bee family tree Maeling as of Nov 2022