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A place to learn about current and past honey essences: flavours, where and when they came from, history.

'18 Spring

Sunshine & Wind

'19 Spring

Drought & Thunderstorms

'19 Summer

And Then The Rains Came (Morning Dew & Sunflowers)

The classic taste of last year’s memories in sepia.

'20 Spring: Argyle's Tropical Garden

Bees must’ve went on vacation and brought back exotic fruits.

'20 Spring: Calliope's Mocha

Deep floral scents emanate from this thick spring honey with the slightest hint of the first cup of mocha in the morning.

'20 Spring: Thalia's Caramel

This deep spring honey is as rich and delightful as freshly made caramel on the stove-top.

'20 Summer: Argyle's Caramel Apple

Bees must have got into some apples.

'20 Summer: Argyle's Lollipop

Light and fresh, just like a summer day jaunt to the park with a lollipop in your mouth.

'20 Summer: Minerva's Herbal Reserve

A very limited, special harvest. This honey is harvested using a special chamber which features little-to-no disturbance to the honey bees and retains the freshness of the honey. Outside of comb honey, this is the closest one can get to eating honey like a bee.

'20 Summer: Minerva's Ice Planet

Rockets are go! This white honey has a sweet and space-y flavour that builds slowly until there’s a bright flavour explosion. It is like experiencing a shooting star.

'20 Summer: Minevera's Song of Birth

When queens are first born, they will sing to announce their presence.
To hear baby queen Minerva sing, put on headphones, turn up the volume and listen to this

'20 Summer: Thalia's Afternoon Garden

It is a bright day. You are sitting in the garden dirt. The sun sounds like crystalline music as it bounces off the tomato leaf. Time stands still in the afternoon garden as a chonky bumble bee places its head inside a flower, almost like it is trying on the flower as a hat.
This is what the honey tastes like.

'20 Summer: Thalia's Cotton Candy

Light, white, fluffy sugar sweetness like cotton candy on the best day ever as a kid.

'21 Spring: Argyle's Ice Moon Oberon


'21 Spring: Persephone's Nebula

Captain Kirk guides the Enterprise into a nearby nebula in order to evade detection, to cloud and scramble sensors. This nebulous honey is an eclectic mixture of seasons and essences in an effort to be resourceful and cost-saving with honey that does not meet the expectations of a distinct and unique flavour. Due to the time and processes used in the creation of this honey, it represents a multitude of flowers, seasons, and colonies, and is more likely to contain elements of pollen and propolis.

The Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula, by C.R. O’Dell (Rice U), and NASA


'21 Spring: Thalia's Amber Solstice


'21 Spring: Thalia's Crystal Cream

Orbiting a distant sun in the next galaxy over, an enormous geode of crystals crack purple and shimmer as they grow ever inwards. The incredibly smooth surface of the translucent crystals serves as a platform upon which the bees craft Thalia’s Crystal Cream.


'21 Summer: Argyle's Smooth Stonecrop

Argyle’s daughter love to hang out on the sedum succulents during the hot summer days, collecting the smoothest of flower nectars to create this wonderful honey from a special stonecrop.

'21 Summer: Persephone's Clover Constellation

Clover fields make for smooth honey, light in colour and texture. Persephone’s bees love to hang out in the shade on white clover and collect the nutritious nectar.
Looking out over the yard it looks like a constellation made of clover flowers, with tiny bee visitors dancing from one star to the next.

'21 Summer: Thalia's Homestead Honey

Classic, top tier taste from the homestead. Thalia brings it home again.

'22 Spring: Electra's Malt Moon

Dark and malty. Strong flavour of Wolf Willow.


'22 Spring: Persephone's Lightspeed
'22 Spring: Thalia's Elysian Fields of Dandelions

Thalia flew to the eternal field of flowers this year, survived by a thriving colony and a handful of queen daughters. In her last season, she oversaw the creation of a dark and flavourful spring honey made of dandelions and other early blooms.

'22 Summer: Cassiopeia's Special SK

Named after the acronym for the province, Saskatchewan. Special mainly because there isn’t a lot of it.

It is an early summer blend, so it’ll be the last few drops of dandelion nectar mixed with canola, blazing star flowers, as well as berry trees of Saskatoons and Chokecherries flowers. It is one of my favourite honeys from the year.

Tastes healthy, like a prairie wind. It crystallizes quickly, but is great on toast or just eaten by the spoonful.

'22 Summer: Nyx's Night Sky Journey

Queen Nyx brings the taste of the night sky in this wonderful early summer honey.

'22 Summer: Pasiphae's Nodding Thistle Delight

I remember being very young, running through fields of flowers. I remember beams of sunlight through evergreens. And I remember tasting the dew from nodding thistle flowers. I wondered why everyone didn’t spend the entire summer sitting in fields, sucking on flowers for their sweet treats.

'22 Summer: Tomyris's Crystal Cathedral

Sitting on her wax throne, Queen Tomyris rules over her crystal cathedral colony.

'22 Summer: Xena's Premium Wildflower

This is amazing honey made from a variety of wild rural flowers by mighty Queen Xena’s colony.

'22 Summer: Xena's Zenith

During the second half of the summer, while the sun dipped closer to the horizon, Xena raised a mighty colony. One of the most populous in the rural apiary. They collected this Zenith honey from honeysuckle, toadflax, thistles, and wild roses.

Lightly floral, mild, and sweet. One of the whitest honeys from the year. Remains uncrystallized for long stretches.

'23 Hemera's Herbal Reserve
'23 Lilith's Spiced Ambrosia
'23 Melinoë's Morning Dew