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Der Glöckner's villageMore info and photos found on website by Co-Director Chrystene Ells

15:00, 16mm B&W – 2016

A 16mm love letter to the cinema of German Expressionism (circa 1910-1924), created for The Caligari Project, Regina, 2016

Der Glöckner, set in 1914 in a fictional European town on the cusp of war, examines themes central to German Expressionism: isolation, war, fear, the paranormal, the unconscious, angst, man vs the machine, and transcendence.

To create this film, we opted for the highest level of authenticity we could manage in 2016. Sets were hand-painted canvas, depicting the projection onto reality of the 2D inner world of the lonely Bellringer. All effects were done in-camera, including a pinhole iris, superimposition, and live weapons.

The cast and crew were incredible. They brought their love, talent, and patience… and made this film a reality!

  • World Premiere:
    Screened as part of The Cinema of Dr. Caligari at The Caligari Salon, a joint production between Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative/MacKenzie Art Gallery, as part of The Caligari Project, October 2016
  • Queen City Shorts, February 2017.
  • Funders:
  • Saskatchewan Arts Board
    Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative
    Creative Saskatchewan
    Canada Saskatchewan Production Stages
  • Rielco Productions and “The Trial of Louis Riel”
  • University of Regina Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance
  • Regina Bell Ringers
  • Firecube Video Services
  • Niagara Custom Lab
  • Frame Discreet
  • Dedicated to the life, art, and spirit of Paul-Gui Crepeau

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