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Here’s the programme on their website. If their website is down, below is a crappy cached version. This is not my content.


8 Fest 2015 programmes
Friday January 30 – Sunday February 1
SPK Polish Combatants’ Hall
“a little festival for small films”

Friday January 307 PM  Tastes Sweet First, Seizure Second  three Super 8 films by Japanese artist Stom Sogo (1975-2012),
9 PM  Canadiana  a survey of small-gauge films from “The North”, curated by Clayton Windatt (North Bay, Ontario)
11 PM Bagerooo, eight! Part One – a survey of recent films
Sunday February 12PM  Artist’s Talk with Clayton Windatt
7PM  From the Birth of 8mm Clarksburg films 1932 to 1961 – a presentation by Home Movie History project
9PM  Bagerooo, eight! Part Two – a survey of recent films.
Saturday January 31

1-4 PM  Introduction to Super 8 Camera Workshop
Conducted by John Porter
(Preregistration required, see below)
7 PM  The Art Of Simply Seeing: Spotlight On The Films Of David Anderson
9 PM  Cut Paste and Animate
New works in animation and collage
11 PM  A New Place to Dwell
projected small-gauge films with live musical accompaniment

Cyclotrope Circus    Jacquelyn Hébert, Megan Turnbull & Nathalie Coulson   2013   zoetrope installation, on view all weekend


Stom Sogo “Tastes Sweet First, Seizure Second”

“Sogo’s films are powerful and utterly unique works of sublime transportation and oblivion, not easily forgotten.” — Ed Halter

Moving-image artist Stom Sogo (1975 – 2012) was born in Osaka, Japan and moved to the United States in 1992. He was a devoted experimental filmmaker who constantly renewed and manipulated his work across many media. His innovative, abstract investigations were always deeply personal and amazingly energetic. His untimely death in 2012 has resonated throughout the world and on the occasion of the 8th edition of the 8 fest, we will celebrate his legacy with an intimate selection of some of his Super-8 films preserved by Anthology Film Archives.

“[A] movie’s reality should be as nasty and fucked up as possible, so we want to get the fuck out of the theatre and hope for something better in life…I try not to have a message or even word in my movie. But I usually have some sick stories behind each of the movies. Those are just mental eye candy that it tastes sweet first, seizure second.” -Stom Sogo

I Smell You, 2000, USA/Japan, 11 minutes, B&W, Super-8mm, silent
Slow Death, 2000, USA/Japan, 16 minutes, B&W, Super-8mm, sound on CD *
Carrie at Still, 1998, Japan/USA, 28 minutes, B&W/colour, Super-8mm, sound on CD


Canadiana  a survey of small-gauge films from “The North”, curated by Clayton Windatt (North Bay, Ontario)

Searching across the landmass of Canada we find a variety personalities attached to regions that are all distinct and unique from the next. This mirrors the communities of filmmakers that dot the countryside in remote northern areas although their numbers are far fewer. Being a media artist or “filmmaker” in the north is uncommon but working with 8mm & 16mm film is very rare as the availability and accessibility of resources and technology are non-existent. Finding a common ground between these northern artists is to weave a story that unites them as each individual perspective and approach to filmmaking is different than the next. Though these artists have thousands of kilometers dividing them, they share similarities in ideological perspective through the concept of Canadian identity. Each piece in this program represents one of these perspectives and celebrates an identity that is very Canadiana.

EH TO ZED Dan Sokolowski Super 8 6.5 min. Dawson City, Yukon. **
Lost Lindsay Sarazin Super 8 1.5 min. North Bay, Ontario.
Beyond The Edge Alek Bélanger Super 8 0 min. New Liskeard, Ontario.
dog=god Karen Hines & Lulu Keating Super 8 4 min. **Manitoulin Island, Ontario & Dawson City, Yukon
Niso kakastesinowin Jules Koostachin Super 8 2 min. Sudbury, Ontario. *
the the Tanya Lukin Linklater 2013 Super 8 11 min. North Bay, Ontario.
The Trade Lindsay Sarazin 2014 Super 8 1 min. North Bay, Ontario.
Autumn Girl Eric Boissonneault 2014 Super 8 5 min. North Bay, Ontario.
Wedding on Mussel Island Lulu Keating 2014 Super 8 3.5 min. Dawson City, Yukon.
H20 – 60 Laurent Vaillancourt 2014 Super 8 5 min. Hearst, Ontario.
Moladit Christian Chapman 2014 Super 8 5 min. Fort William First Nation, Ontario & Marja Bal Nango, Norway.

Sponsored by FADO


Bagerooo, eight! Part One

Estera: Mat (Part 1)  Alexandra Gelis   2014   Super 8 2 projector   sound   3 min.
Fragments # 4   Pedro Ferreira   2014   Super 8   sound   10 min.
L’Inventaire   Martine Syms   2014   Super 8   sound   2:34
tidal bored II   Ilse Kramer  2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.
Jacumba Song   Baba Hillman   2013   Super 8 on 16mm   sound   2:46
Off-Sales   Aaron Zeghers, Clint Enns & Leslie Supnet   2014   Super 8   sound   5 min.
Gathering   Zoë Heyn-Jones   2014   Super 8   sound   3:23
Cecil   Emmalyne Laurin   2013   Super 8   silent   2 min. *
Vision Quest   Karl Reinsalu   2014   Super 8   sound   4 min.
Mountains and Dresses into Windows   Stephanie Gray  2014   Super 8, b/w,  live accompaniment by Jonathan Culp  6.5 min,
Marine Stadium Glimpses   Lisa Danker   2014   Super 8   sound   2:45
Rands   Lucas Martin   2013   Super 8   sound   3:45
Lament    Nisha Platzer   2013   regular 8mm   sound   4 min.
The Game   Cynthia Naggar   2013   Super 8   sound   2:43
Listen, Try Not To Dwell on That Idea, Please   Benjamin Ramirez Perez   2013   Super 8   sound   6 min.
Meditation on Peace   Keith Lock   2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.
Jump   Elwood Jimmy   2014   Super 8   3 min.

Sponsored by Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre

Introduction to Super 8 Camera Operating Workshop
Saturday January 31 1-4 PM
Introduction to Super 8 Camera Operating Workshop
taught by John Porter

Capacity 10
• Space is limited; please register in advance by email (pending availability, sign-up will also be offered during the festival on Jan.30).
• Please email us at [email protected] with your name and phone number and “WORKSHOP” in the subject line.
Please note that there is a $ 25.00 fee for participation

In this workshop, local Super 8 filmmaker John Porter will provide an introduction to Super 8 camera operation. You’ll get hands-on practice loading and operating the camera, such as setting exposure, focusing, animating and other special effects. Learn to shoot while standing, moving or remotely. Get information on where to buy and process film, and how to shop for equipment. John will project some of his many films as examples. Each participant will be able to shoot some film during the workshop, which will then be posted online. Beginners and experienced filmmakers will find this workshop informative and inspiring.


The Art of Simply Seeing: Spotlight on the Films of David Anderson
Curated by Milada Kovacova

Programming small-gauge film is like going on an archeological dig. Sometimes, movies are uncovered that fortunately haven’t been lost or dumped. David Anderson was active for two decades; starting off as a visual artist, he began making movies then ceased once he returned to painting and drawing. As David puts it, “Before beginning to record I had no idea of the succession of events or how the film would conclude, my only plan being to respond to what was happening around me.” His meditations on the everyday reflect back to the audience as fresh perspectives of the familiar. “There is an intent to record and reveal from this context of the everyday with the draughtsman’s eye for gesture, contrast and composition. Through a play with rhythm, repetition and highlighting, aspects of that reality are intensified.”  Definitely, this is a must see as one of Toronto’s hidden treasures reflecting back on the city’s architecture, urban history and planning.

TEPERMAN   1974  8mm  silent  7 min.
TERMINAL   1974  Super 8  silent  3 min.
MR. SIGNMAN, MAKE ME A SIGN   1977-78  Super 8  silent  22 min.
BERLIN   1983  Super 8  silent  3 min
KINGSTON BY BUS   1975  8mm  silent  7 min.
PARKDALE   1983  Super 8  silent  3 min.
LIBERTY STREET   1979-2014  Super 8  sound  20 min.

David Anderson is a visual artist living in Toronto who has worked in various media including painting, drawing, photocopy and film. He has produced one-of-a-kind books and in 1977 won a Juno Award for best album cover design. He was a member of the Funnel Film Collective and exhibited work with the ChromaZone Collective, and at YYZ Artists’ Outlet and Edward Day Gallery, among others. Currently, Dave plays shinny, paints houses and practices life drawing.

Sponsored by LIFT


Cut Paste Animate     A co-presentation with Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS)

For our 2015 edition, the8fest decided to echo its 2012 programme Adventures in Animationland.  Cut Paste Animate focuses on animation and collage ─ bringing life to still images, playing with what can only be represented by abstracting shapes and bodies or  using hands and eyes to explore tensions between what is static and what must be kinetic. In addition to works received as submissions, the8fest has commissioned new animated works by visual artists already conversant with film and visual artists whose bodies of work have seriously implied sequences of moving pictures.

Laugh   Anna Cassady   2013    Super 8   silent   2.5 min.*
Buddha’s Daydream   Rich Fedorchak   2011   Super 8   sound   4:39
Hungry Bones   Berny Hi & Chrystene Ells   2014   Super 8   sound   3:20
Spinning Light   Kayako Oki  2014   Super 8   sound   3.5 min.
Interstices   Kyle Whitehead & Linda Rae Dornan  2014   Super 8   Sound   3:51
Ghosts   Mark Connery   2014   super 8   silent   3 min.
Townhomes Scare Me   Benjamin Edelberg   2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.
What do you do?   Amy Lockhart   2014   Super 8        3 min.
Blueprint   Lisa Myers   2014   Super 8   sound   3 min.
Second Sun  Leslie Supnet   2014   Super 8  sound  3 min.
Film on Film   Madi Piller   2014   super 8 live sound   3 min.

New Place To Dwell      a co-presentation with Wavelength Music Art Projects
Featuring: FRESH SNOW + MIMICO (separate + collaborative sets)
with films curated by: JONATHAN CULP

It has been suggested by many that all art forms (not only the cinema) aspire to music. But surely music aspires to other art forms as well. I think of visual arts  painting and especially sculpture. Music and film have had such a symbiotic history since so much music suggests both lighting and narrative while the cinema is so about the rhythms of shooting tracking and (above) all editing.

The 8 fest has previously worked with live accompanists to specific films but has never hosted an entire programme with live musicians playing both on top of and around projected films. Well, it’s about time, then. Let us now enter into a fresh new place to dwell.

Wavelength Music is a curated concert series designed to champion creativity, co-operation and collaboration in the underground music scene. Established in 2000, we are a non-profit arts organization that puts artists and the community first. A cornerstone of the Toronto music scene, Wavelength has championed literally thousands of emerging artists during its decade-plus run.

Full details here


Artists’ Talk with Clayton Windatt
( curator of Canadiana programme )


From the Birth of 8mm Clarksburg films 1932 to 1961 – a presentation by Home Movie History project

The birth of small-gauge film happened in 1932 when the 8mm format was introduced. For the first time at the 8 fest we present films from the very beginning of the small-gauge era.


A large, prosperous Buffalo family began filming in 1932. Clarksburg is in the countryside south of Buffalo and the location of much of the early footage in the collection. Initially the films depict the seemingly carefree leisure of a family unaffected by the Depression — at their Clarksburg garden and farm cottage, or aboard one of the small cruise ships of the period. As the years pass, a more complex portrait of the family emerges — a less well-heeled younger generation who prefer casual house parties and backyard drinks, the family’s Catholic faith, seen through the pomp of pre-Vatican II rites and festivities, and a tantalizing glimpse of a family business which was not afraid to get its hands messy.


Clarksburg — archery practice, smoking and good cheer, roadsters and sedans
Family Pictures  1932  8mm Kodak b&wSwimming at waterfall, lunch on the lawn — a girls’ day out
Lunch at Clarksburg  1933  8mm Kodak b&w
The smart-set aboard ship, Caribbean village school, Panama
West Indies Cruise  1933  8mm Kodak b&w
The clan at Clarksburg frolicking about in 30s fashions
Clarksburg Holiday  1935  8mm Kodak b&w
A baseball game in the country
Langford Church  1935  8mm Kodak b&w
Town fair, nuns, Knights of Columbus ceremony
Langford Church  1935  8mm Kodak b&w
Sheep herded through the streets
Langford Church & Reel II Gardens  1935  8mm Kodak b&w
Clarksburg as a working farm
Clarksburg Holiday & Reel II Gardens  1935  8mm Kodak b&wWomen’s college — dormitory life, graduation
Briarcliff  1936-37  8mm Kodachrome
Idling on a summer day, countryside basked in sun-saturated colours
1938  8mm KodachromeWalking the streets of Buffalo, backyard party
Wedding  1942  8mm Kodak b&w, KodachromeDouble exposure — a kaleidoscope of kids, men in uniform, priests, 40s cars and hats
untitled  1944  8mm Kodak b&w
Petting — hamming it up for the camera
Parties  1944  8mm Kodak b&w

‘Socials’ for kids – sleigh ride, Halloween pageant, dress-up dinner
early 50s  8mm Kodachrome
The wild Canadian shore — 3 poolside sequences *
Canada  mid 50s,1958  8mm Kodachrome

Crystal Beach as seen from Lake Erie — beach crowds, the Comet roller coaster
Canada  1959  8mm Kodachrome

Ski slopes, strolling around lodges, outdoor coffee is served
Lake Placid  1960  8mm Kodachrome

Lines of boys and girls in white proceed down the street to first communion
1961  8mm Kodachrome


Bagerooo, eight Part Two

Go Pop! (Geht Pop!)   Eric Hill   2014   Super 8   sound   3:20 *
What I Want, What I Have   E.Hearte   2013   Super 8   silent   2:25
Dramamine   Alan Gerlach   2012   Super 8   silent   2:13
Will The Circle Be Unbroken   Frank Biesendorfer   2014   regular 8   silent  4 min.
Invocations of Uzi   Ross Mackfessel   2014   Super 8   sound   4.5 min.
Not Just Black and White   Lisa G.   2013   Super 8 on 16mm   sound   6:36
Grizzly   Craig Orrett   2013   Super 8   sound   2 min.
Wives’Tale   Amber Goodwyn   2013   Super 8   sound   3 min.
Summer Song   Clint Enns   2014   Super 8   silent   5 min.
The Hunter Hunted   Mike Rollo   2013  Super 8   silent   3:20
Waxing and Milking   Alee Peoples  2014   Super 8   sound   9 min.
Sacred Bloom   Guillaume Vallee & Andree Anne Roussel   2014   Super 8   silent   1:16
Mototanaka Dérive   Michael Lyons  2014   Super 8  silent   3:20
Pulsars E Quasars   Paul Clipson   2014   Super 8   sound   5 min.
Gone Fishing   Lisa Neighbour   2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.
Basement Tapes Two   Blaine Spiegel   2014   Super 8   silent   3 min.
Still Feeling Blue About Colour Separation Christine Lucy Latimer  2014   Super 8   — min.

Sponsored by Trinity Square Video  

Thank you to the artists, partners, supporters, and volunteers who make the 8 fest happen!

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the 8 fest is made possible through the generous support of:
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