The measure of all things - Protagoras still 05 (small)


Film premiere: Philip Hoffman Film Farm Screening in 2012. Has since be re-worked based on feedback.

Screening Under the Steeple, 2014, presented by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative.

Screened at New York, USA, at the Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design (SOFA), for the Wild Thing: Prairie as Concept, Prairie as Environment (November 8th, 2014), curated by Michael Hosaluk, presented by Creative Saskatchewan. Also presented at a booth talk by Michael on the 7th of November, 2014.

mispon Film Festival, December 2014

imagineNATIVE, October 14-18 2015 in Toronto, Canada

Native Crossroads Film Festival and Symposium 2016 in Oklahoma, USA

Montréal Underground Film Festival (full schedule), May 2016, part of Experimental Docs I screening, in Montréal, Canada

experience the apocalyptic animal/nature-doc twist
– Montréal Underground Film Festival

The measure of all things - Protagoras still 03 (small)

La Voute/The Vault, an annual themed (this year: Science Fiction) screening in Montreal hosted by GIV (Groupe Intervention Video) The date at this point for the event is May 24.


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Watch a clip of it here, provided by Distributor: Winnipeg Film Group

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