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Berny Hi

Beyond coordinating productions at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, Berny focuses as a filmmaker in the development of a unique approach to storytelling involving the manipulation of multiple projected moving images on Super 8mm / 16mm celluloid through warped glass and prisms. Using this technique, he recently performed the otherworldly story of Kitty Dreams of Dying. Recent traditional screenings include Milk River, a 16mm film hand processed at the Film Retreat, and Véronique à vélo, a multi-award winning b&w 16mm film that pays homage to the French New Wave Cinema. He hosts, a blog which showcases his ongoing experimental film research, and videos featuring his feline friend with kidney failure, Kitty. Ever looking for new, fun art projects to make, he delved into a few interdisciplinary projects with fellow art cohort, Chrystene Ells. In KaleidoCycle { Globe Theatre 2012 }, they teamed up to produce a black box theatre play relating the story of Chrystene’s departure from her body through the top of her head. The adventure was explored through physical theatre, mask work, clowning, puppetry, and celluloid 16mm and Super 8mm projection performance art.


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Added some potential resources to my on-going bibliography, such as this fascinating article on “Long-term trends in the honeybee ‘whooping signal’ revealed by automated detection“, pointing to the idea that bees have a sense of mistakes and accidents and feel the need to communicate an acknowledgement of it happening.

frame from a bee hive with accelerometers embedded

Images (2) are from the article linked above. They are not my images, nor my data, but I must say that data can be beautiful. I can hear each tiny “whoop” in quick succession like a film montage.

stethoscope being used to listen at the entrance of a bee hive


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Warmed up a bit. The colonies had their entrances opened, unblocked by frost. I gave a listen using a stethoscope. I got a shock when I heard nothing from Calliope. I went to Thalia. Thankfully, I heard a tiny, soft rhythmic buzz.
Back to Calliope, I listened with all my heart… there may be a faint buzz there yet…

The Wild Bunch

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Played a video game, Red Dead Redemption 2 online, with a friend and captured some of the more zany moments. It has some non-zero-sum game elements, as you can work cooperatively towards bettering your gear and surviving against nature and bad dudes.


stylized painting of a bee egg

Bee egg

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The first section visitors will experience when they start my installation will be the helping a bee hatch. I sketched up a tiny, delicate bee egg in the darkness. I will use something like this in the video/animation for the section of the installation. It may wiggle a bit when you warm it up. And maybe I can even get an animated, painted queen bee to come out of the egg!