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Gerald Saul

A night in the Waxworks

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Gerald Saul at RPL Film Theatre - Caligari Project

Watched Waxworks (1924) at the Regina Public Library Film Theatre this evening as part of the Caligari Project. Fantastic introductory talk by film Professor Gerald Saul. The part of the lecture that stuck with me was how the films he presented tonight made it obvious and apparent that you are watching a movie, an illusion, which is different than the contemporary realism that is striven for in many movies. These films (paraphrasing Gerald here), are a window into the filmmakers heart, and often into the shadows of their soul.

Waxworks (1924)

Waxworks (1924)

This post is in honour of Mr. Gerald Saul who has managed to post an interesting piece every day for as long as I’ve known him.