Got a cold :[

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  • Spent most of the day getting a piercing. It ks just a small nose ring [see fig. 3.8], watched Eat Drink Man Woman and decided to try to eat out less often.
  • Majority of the work I did on the site this evening won’t be seen by anyone. I constructed a simple non flash version for search engine spiders to build their little nests in.


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  • Got a little busy for a bit and kinda ran out of material for the site, but after a few recent moments of inspiration, I have uploaded two new pieces to the workshp[ area. the first one is some footage from Cabin Fever as a baby, in alpha stage. She’s cute and works as a good sample for a particular musician who should be tuning in. I have started to think more about music for Cabin Fever and I am in the midst of a beat edit. at the moment I am stumped. hopefully this weekend I find the remedy.
  • The other video is just a small intro/outro for a film festival. Fun to make.
  • There’s still a bug that happens if you click around between the films quickly.
  • The fullscreen button is now working better than ever, although still not perfect [remember that esc brings you out of fullscreen]

Cleaner code

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  • Phew. After many hours of reading and watching tutorials, the site’s code is much cleaner [saving a whooping 11 kilobytes] and I fixed a bug! Now the films should properly quit if you navigate away before it’s done.
  • Fullscreen is still a problem : [
  • Slowly working on getting metadata attached to frames and films, in the hopes of making is easier for search engine spiders to index the site. To aid that even more, the next plan involves creating a super simple html structure.
  • Attended a talk given by a NFB representative. I have always wanted to have the NFB logo in a film; like the old school one that spins around in psychedelic colours. I think I’ll apply for some post production help for Cabin Fever.

Battlestation relocation

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  • is now in a new and improved location [see fig. 3.5].
  • In celebration, I stayed up late to get a new section somewhat operational. A preview of some 16mm film I shot last summer is now available in the Film area.
  • In other news: I will be teaching a Basic Filmmaking course this coming weekend. It is a two day workshop for the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative. I am not sure what to expect and I feel unprepared.

Flash Bible

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I am on page 61 of 1227 of the Flash Bible. Other than me falling asleep a few times, so far all that’s happened is that the readers were given a tablet of contents “at a glance”, then a full tablet of contents.
Also, Kitty got really close to the lens.

Website launch

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  • Added a new film to the, currently only working, button “film”.
  • Struggled with FullScreen options. It is totally not working at the moment, especially in Chrome, so I would avoid that button for now. Would be nice though some day, as some films [like the new “sol”] are actually 960 x 720 [or there abouts after converting to square pixels].
  • Another bug happens when you click a second film before the first one ends.