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Wrapped master exterior shots on a puppet film

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This weekend we wrapped the master exterior shots for Chrystene Ells‘ puppet film. We shot in the PuppetWorks at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative.

The shoot went really well and everyone was in good spirits. Sarah Huber was also on set, helping out in the camera department. We had a jib on a dolly set up and were shooting on the Panasonic HVX200.
We got the giggles late into the day. This is a common “been on set too long” phenomenon. Puppets can seem pretty funny after a while, especially when you start talking to them more than the puppeteer under the table. They are so tiny and they look around with the same mannerisms as you and me.

Website conversion

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The past week has been spent moving and converting the website content from my personalized format [using mainly Flash] to WordPress. It’s been fun and not too difficult. I am learning a bit of CSS, learning how to Inspect Elements in Chrome [a fantastic tool] and use that information, and created my own child theme based off the wonderful Graphene theme by Syahir Hakim. Mr. Hakim offers a lot of user support on his forum, which is greatly appreciated.

Some of the obstacles I have had to overcome are small details that I am just being picky over, like font colours and proper grid layout. I am slowly getting used to not having control over every aspect such as letting embedded video do what it wants, which is probably a good thing so that I can focus on creating content instead of figuring out ways of presenting it.


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Hoping to make a quick addition to the workshop area, a clip from some play I was having with Cabin Fever footage [see fig 4.0]. Just getting myself used to working with this particular footage and using musical beats to drive the edit. mainly uploading it for a collaborator I’ll be hanging with in a week.
Off to IMAA onfire. Comin’ in hot!

Filming “!”

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  • In preparation for a weekend filmmaking frenzy at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, I went out one sunny day and shot some footage to test out my skillz at hand-processing in a bucket [see fig. 3.9]. Note that it is difficult to shoot a butterfly who is struggling, just as you are, to stay upright in the wicked wind.
  • Not much updating done to the site, just cleaned up my code comments. O did, however, send off about fifteen hundred feet of film [Super 8mm & regular 16mm], so I should have that back at the end of the month, transferred to HD. some of it is for Cabin Fever [actually, I will finally have a proper transfer of the genesis footage of Cabin Fever], and some of it is some pleasant vacation footage.

Got a cold :[

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  • Spent most of the day getting a piercing. It ks just a small nose ring [see fig. 3.8], watched Eat Drink Man Woman and decided to try to eat out less often.
  • Majority of the work I did on the site this evening won’t be seen by anyone. I constructed a simple non flash version for search engine spiders to build their little nests in.


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  • Got a little busy for a bit and kinda ran out of material for the site, but after a few recent moments of inspiration, I have uploaded two new pieces to the workshp[ area. the first one is some footage from Cabin Fever as a baby, in alpha stage. She’s cute and works as a good sample for a particular musician who should be tuning in. I have started to think more about music for Cabin Fever and I am in the midst of a beat edit. at the moment I am stumped. hopefully this weekend I find the remedy.
  • The other video is just a small intro/outro for a film festival. Fun to make.
  • There’s still a bug that happens if you click around between the films quickly.
  • The fullscreen button is now working better than ever, although still not perfect [remember that esc brings you out of fullscreen]