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Kittysitting part 1: Allis Chalmers

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Meet Miss Allis Chalmers. I’ll be hanging out periodically with this fine feline over the next two weeks, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a series of quick entries while visiting her. I’m taking the time while she chomps some dinner to post an update each night.

Allis is a very soft and friendly animal who likes to touch noses and play with toys.

Today I mainly worked on picking up a few computer part upgrades. I have settled on the i7 3770K chip and I am still figuring out the version of the Asus Z77 [P8Z77-V or the Sabertooth] board. Any thoughts out there on piecing together a new pc?

Also watched a great NFB film, Being Caribou, in one browser window while researching the computer parts in another. That led to a silent, black and white film Beaver People, about beavers, Grey Owl, and his lady friend. It is really cute watching the beaver play wrestle.

Allis is done eating.

Véronique and the eye of the storm: Article on the bike-in screening

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The bike-in screening featuring Véronique à vélo in Calgary’s Stanley Park [more details in previous post: A fitting screening of Véronique à vélo] made the news with an article in Fast Forward Weekly!
From what I hear, the films presented by Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, including Véronique à vélo, were projected before the rain came.

See below for a cached version of the article by Drew Anderson.

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A fitting screening of Véronique à vélo

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Film by Berny Hi and Chrystene Ells

Véronique is leading the charge to a bike-in screening! Bicycle with your buddies to Stanley Park in Calgary on July 14th for a unique experience of watching Canadian film in the great outdoors!

Berny on camera hanging out vehicle window

For more information on the film, check out the official Véronique à vélo website

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Everyone is invited to attend this free outdoor screening.

BikeBike will be organizing a cycle group meeting at Tompkins Park, join the group or meet for the screening at Stanley Park!

9:00PM – Biking group will depart, meeting @ gazebo in Tompkins Park Park (17 Ave SW)
10:00PM – Screening will take place @ Stanley Park (entrance off of Riverdale Ave SW)

Facebook event for the screening

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Hand processing Super 8mm for multidisciplinary play KaleidoCycle

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I went with Co-Producer Chrystene Ells to Wascana Park and shot a couple rolls of Super 8mm black and white film to be used as projection art in KaleidoCycle, a play set to open at the end of May, 2012 at the Globe Theatre [KaleidoCycle page on the Globe Theatre website]. Over the weekend the film was hand processed as a negative image in buckets in the basement lab of Daniel Suchoboki [who donated his facilities]. The results were fantastic!
These images will be projected on some of the performers live during the play.