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Circus Shadowbox

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Here’s a sample of the Circus Shadowbox that made its debut at the Caligari Salon at the MacKenzie Art Gallery:


Painting a Picture

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“An act of desperation to get students struggling to read back on the right path has a teacher embracing a unique method at the forefront of deaf education in Canada.”

Kittysitting Part 5: Action!

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Audio post version. Listen to me read the post below while you do your own thing.

Allis likes to play and jump! Jump Allis! I shot this amazing film using my mobile device, which is all I have access to while kittysitting. When I was first getting into computers, this would have 100% blown my mind.

I’ve been reminiscing about my first days with computers and my first build. One day, suddenly, there was a computer in the house and we were all introduced to it. As in, “Family, check out this new object in our home”. I thought, “If computers have a soul,” and it was a definite possibility that they did, “it must be in that monitor that just stares out”. I think William Gibson described it as turned-off-tv grey. It would reflect my image back at me in pixels. I really liked these new guys in my life. I spent a lot of time with a Commodore 64 that is actually still with me, just packed away in storage.

After I shot the Allis film, I had a Google Talk video chat with my friend who is far away. A tiny handheld window, like how a wormhole is supposedly connecting two points of space through the boundaries of dimension. It is amazing.
Unfortunately, no matter how immediate technology can make me feel, it doesn’t close the gap of a great physical distance.

Allis is done with the munch.

Hi World: it’d be great if when I did a Google search, it would also search my bookmarks and email for the information I am looking for. Lately I’ve been stumbling upon the same website that I have already bookmarked a year ago when looking for the same answer. Sometimes I just bookmark or email myself a link to useful information, but don’t really keep track of it.

Kittysitting part 4: Bat down

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Audio post version. Listen to me read the post below while you do your own thing. imageThis little guy died on the lawn that Kitty Hi and I go for walks on. Autumn has arrived, which brings with it much death. It seems like overnight most leaves turned yellow. I must make my way out to the country soon and see the rest of the Fall colours.

Had a great chat with my dad today while doing laundry. It is his birthday this week and I was trying to get some hints for a good gift. He says he really liked the donation to People For Animals that I did for him last time… I suppose that is better than just more stuff.

Played around in Minecraft, figuring out some dispenser traps and hidden chests using sticky pistons. I am working in secret as DM / GM for a friend, building a large Underwater Lair and coming up with the quest narrative. Fun stuff.

Allis is done eating and wants to play.

Kittysitting part 3: Finding time to clean

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Audio post version. Listen to me read the post below while you do your own thing. imageIt’s a beautiful day. The windows and blinds are open, fresh prairie air is drifting in. It’s time to do some cleaning.

The ebb and flow of disorder in my home can reach extremes during busy times and it has been exceptionally busy lately. All good stuff. The business just didn’t involve keeping things tidy.

As for the subject of yesterday’s post, I actually didn’t fit in much gaming. Instead I settled on the motherboard for the system I am building, the Asus Maximus V Formula, and got well into the research for the RAM.

Just after 2am my brain stopped working, so I purchased an expansion for Civilization, called Gods & Kings. I went with the Celts. Gave it a good try on normal difficulty, but got owned around 10 A.D. when the surrounding civilizations declared war on my people in unison. I guess the computer just wanted to play by itself…

I have been a fan of the Civilization series since the first game. I received a pirated copy from my granddad on five 5.25″ floppy disks in the late 80s. That’s basically before the internet and downloading. The disks arrived in the post with a handwritten note. The credits and unit descriptions were just basic text files, so I was able to put my name in the credits as Modder and change the name of spearmen to robots, for example. I can see that experience influence my current website development and modding of systems like CraftBukkit. Thanks Granddad Hi!

Allis done eating. Listened to C418 while composing this post.

Kittysitting part 2: Finding time to play

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Allis! There’s a mouse on the floor behind you!

Cats seem to be pretty good at fitting in playtime. Allis and I had a great game of mouse this evening. I really like it when she rushes over to a corner wall before me to indicate how/where she’d like to play next.

Kitty Hi also had some playtime, taking a moment in our after-work walk to juggle a few autumn leaves that had gotten him feral.

And now it’s my turn. It is Friday after a long week, so I am looking forward to some gaming tonight. I haven’t decided yet what to pick up: I’ve been running a Bukkit Minecraft server lately, been known to delve quite a bit into World of Warcraft, and Civilization is always a good call for nerd night. I wonder what else is out there nowadays…

Allis has finished her munch.

Kittysitting part 1: Allis Chalmers

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Meet Miss Allis Chalmers. I’ll be hanging out periodically with this fine feline over the next two weeks, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a series of quick entries while visiting her. I’m taking the time while she chomps some dinner to post an update each night.

Allis is a very soft and friendly animal who likes to touch noses and play with toys.

Today I mainly worked on picking up a few computer part upgrades. I have settled on the i7 3770K chip and I am still figuring out the version of the Asus Z77 [P8Z77-V or the Sabertooth] board. Any thoughts out there on piecing together a new pc?

Also watched a great NFB film, Being Caribou, in one browser window while researching the computer parts in another. That led to a silent, black and white film Beaver People, about beavers, Grey Owl, and his lady friend. It is really cute watching the beaver play wrestle.

Allis is done eating.