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By March 5, 2013January 12th, 2014Projection Art

International Festival of Animated Objects 2013 graphicOne of the best, most intense festivals in the prairies, put on by Xstine Cook and the Calgary Animated Objects Society, the International Festival of Animated Objects will be featuring over a week of performance, puppetry, animated films, artist talks, and workshops in Calgary.

On Friday, March 15th at 1:30pm at the Lantern Church I will present a workshop on Cinemagic Projector Art. If you are in Calgary, come explore the roots of moving image artistry before digital post-production with handcrafted effects created in-camera, or live on-camera. I will help you develop a visceral connection to your film by manipulating the essences of cinema: light and perspective, making you into a Cinemagician!

The workshop demonstrates unique, organic and evocative effects through manually controlled camera and projection techniques. Try your hand at projection art and shadow puppetry, augmented with warped glass and other cinemagic tricks.

Check out the complete festival guide online and watch some clips from previous festivals.

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