By May 7, 2010 April 22nd, 2012 Website work
  • Got a little busy for a bit and kinda ran out of material for the site, but after a few recent moments of inspiration, I have uploaded two new pieces to the workshp[ area. the first one is some footage from Cabin Fever as a baby, in alpha stage. She’s cute and works as a good sample for a particular musician who should be tuning in. I have started to think more about music for Cabin Fever and I am in the midst of a beat edit. at the moment I am stumped. hopefully this weekend I find the remedy.
  • The other video is just a small intro/outro for a film festival. Fun to make.
  • There’s still a bug that happens if you click around between the films quickly.
  • The fullscreen button is now working better than ever, although still not perfect [remember that esc brings you out of fullscreen]

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