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By January 25, 2015Featured, Hungry Bones

Hungry Bones still 01 small Hungry Bones still 02 small
I am pretty stoked to be showing in a new country. It is the first time in a long time that I have screened anything even outside of Canada, so to be screening Hungry Bones at the dresdner schmalfilmtage film festival in Germany, I am both honoured and curious. German cinema has a looong, amazing history, so I am very interested to hear how the audience responds to the film. This film even pays a bit of homage to some of the early, surreal storytelling found in Germany.

For this particular screening, I have added German subtitles, graciously translated by Nicole Gfeller, an artist and friend of Co-Director Chrystene Ells. I really like the look of celluloid and subtitles.

Below is a pretty cool trailer for the festival. I do not see any frames from Hungry Bones in there, but perhaps these are made ahead of time and we’ll see some memory of it in next year’s trailer.

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