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Super 8mm

Kitty Dreams of Dying screening

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“At once, I could feel sunlight warming my fur, touch the hard, brown grass of Spring, smell the shadows of midnight on our bedroom wall. I heard the patter of butterfly wings and ran in pursuit. I felt the grass beneath my paws shift and split and melt into itself.” Kitty, describing his dream of dying.

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Hand processing Super 8mm for multidisciplinary play KaleidoCycle

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I went with Co-Producer Chrystene Ells to Wascana Park and shot a couple rolls of Super 8mm black and white film to be used as projection art in KaleidoCycle, a play set to open at the end of May, 2012 at the Globe Theatre [KaleidoCycle page on the Globe Theatre website]. Over the weekend the film was hand processed as a negative image in buckets in the basement lab of Daniel Suchoboki [who donated his facilities]. The results were fantastic!
These images will be projected on some of the performers live during the play.