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Rising to the challenge

By March 3, 2014Featured, Film

There’s a new Vimeo group, created by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, challenging filmmakers with a series of quests for visionary adventurers.

This particular challenge was to use vacation footage, so I rummaged through some Super 8mm footage I had take on my travels. After selecting about ten minutes worth of pretty interesting shots, I came up with a running theme, something to the affect of ‘tips’ as a through-line or frame for the footage to be used in. The challenge is meant to be done in just a few hours, and I had already exceeded that, so I settled on just doing one tip for now. The hope is to some day come back and do the other four tips I had done a rough cut on. We’ll see if I can rise to that challenge as well…

Here’s the page for Vacation Tips: Rest Up, or watch it below.

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